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19 Dec 2017

$150,000 Grant Approved for Old School Arts Centre Raglan

The Lottery Grants Board has awarded the Old School Arts Centre in Raglan a $150,000 grant for the Creative Space project. This is great news and with the grant this will enable project to start after Easter 2018.

The new Creative Space building will provide additional capacity to meet Raglan’s needs. It will replace the old Clay Shed and Lions Club Shed and create an additional multi-functional space.  The upstairs room of about 100 square metres will cater for meetings, drama, theatre, music, and physical art forms like ballet and tai chi. The ground level will house the clay shed with separate kiln room and a sorting and storage space for the Lions Club. 

The cost of the project is $488,000. Thanks to a lot of hard work by volunteers, amazing support from the Raglan Whaingaroa community and donations from several community funders (Raglan Community Board, Raglan Lions Club, Waikato Wellbeing Trust, Logan Campbell Estate, WEL Energy Trust, Trust Waikato and the St Lazarus Trust), with this latest grant they now have $375,000 towards the project.

The team at Old School Arts Centre will continue with fundraising activities so they can raise enough money to complete the project. With this and a frugal approach to construction, they are confident they’ll reach completion.