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20 Nov 2020

A boost for the arts is a boost for all – or nothing

Behold the rallying cry of the arts.

Right now, 9 outstanding Waikato based projects, direct from our own community, are running month-long, all or nothing campaigns on Aotearoa’s home of creative crowdfunding –  Boosted.

Dedicated to getting homegrown art off the ground, The Arts Foundation’s platform Boosted, brings artists and audiences closer together to make arts happen, and if these projects happen, it would mean wonderous things for the Waikato.

Rallying the community to get the good feeling of giving back, Boosted’s online system makes donating to local, grassroots campaigns, accessible and easy-peasy.

It doesn’t get more local then your friends, whānau and next-door neighbours, and as this type of funding is ‘All or Nothing’ any little bit helps.

‘All or Nothing’ means that, just like an episode of The Chase, if the targets aren’t met, the fundraising total winds back to zero and the awesome projects could shut up shop or cease to manifest at all.

Aotearoa, the next few weeks are our collective chance to rally behind the mighty Waikato and fund the creative mahi that positively impacts every one of us and makes our region flourish.

As Creative Waikato CEO, Dr. Jeremy Mayall say’s, “Arts and creativity are vital for a thriving humanity and the power’s in the support of the community.”

So, as you whip out that wallet and dig deep in those pockets for a more than worthy initiative, remember – A boost for the arts is a boost for all!

The Waikato projects seeking funding are:

Moksha Base’s “Beyond Boundaries” – a debut multi-genre live music concert celebrating unity & diversity.

Never Project Space – an independent, artist-run, multi-discipline art and event space embracing and supporting the full spectrum of creativity and humanity.

Ahi Kaa – Home Fires – the mighty Waikato River celebration concert with performances on stages built right on top of anchored waka.

The Place – A community arts space and creative hub for education, capability building and creative development focused on musical theatre.

I’m burning for a woodfire kiln – Artist Susannah Salter hopes to carry on the regions wood firing traditions and create learning opportunities while using sustainable materials and waste wood.

Aotearoa Hiphop Academy – The safe community space where rangatahi can come together, strengthen their mental health through an in-depth understanding of Hip-hop culture.

Think Coromandel Gig Guide – Supporting small business and local mahi by keeping their advertising rates low and their gig guide free, sustainable and accessible to all.

Drink up, you’re next – Post production for Nathan Higgins short drama film that highlights the negative impacts of binge-drinking culture.

Love our loos! – Hygenic, modern and functional public toilet facilities are essential in a post pandemic world, and The Meteor Theatre need help flushing away the 80’s and rebuilding their loos for the use of generations of audiences to come.