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29 Jan 2021

A stirring new performing arts development programme for Waikato creatives

BOIL UP will foster the creative development of new, high quality, original Waikato performing arts works, through a tasty blend of mentorship, workshops, support and collaboration, upskilling local and emerging practitioners across a range of arts genres and industry areas.

Developed by The Meteor Theatre and intended to build practical capability and creative capacity in the local performing arts industry, BOIL UP is a project that aims to bring more of our stories and our people to a wider audience, with the creative and professional skills they need to succeed.

We are calling for submissions for original performing arts concepts from across the Waikato. BOIL UP will foster these productions from idea to performance in nine phases, from January to October 2021. (See brief timeline below)

BOIL UP is possible through partnership between: The Meteor Theatre, Creative New Zealand, BATS Theatre, Wintec Media Arts, Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival and Creative Waikato. And will engage support from other arts organisations, professionals and organisations as required.


  • Foster a selected group of creators in developing new works from concept to performance in 2021 and beyond, through support, education, mentoring and collaborative practice.
  • Provide access to specialists, professionals and mentors from around NZ, who are experts in the type of work/ industry area selected.
  • Collectively lift the production values of local works, with more fully realised artistic aims and innovative and high-quality production design.
  • From an initial selection of ten creative ideas, Boil Up will ultimately result in four original works for a showcase season at The Meteor and to then tour the work to another venue or festival. With scope to further scale up a tour.
  • Focus on sustainable career development for local and emerging arts producers and workers, through education on production and professional practice.
  • Establish real and ongoing venue partnerships and networks with other venues, festivals and spaces where local creators can mount a professional production with ticketed income.
  • Develop works to a point where they are equipped to pitch at PANNZ 2022 and apply successfully for CCS or CNZ Arts Grants for further support towards development.
  • Establish a sustainable performing arts development program, ultimately leading to more local works performed on the stage of the Waikato Regional Theatre.