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11 Oct 2023

Creativity Every Day is now live

What is Creativity Every Day?

Making a choice to live a more creative life is a choice to leading a more joyful, expansive, connected and interesting life. So, it is our pleasure to announce the launch of Creativity Every Day – an innovative creativity and wellbeing programme that has been designed to help people live a more creative life.

Let’s start with some background information…

At Creative Waikato we are all about creativity, wellbeing and people, so we wanted to create opportunities for more people to find their own connections to creative activities as a daily activity. Opportunities that celebrate the insights and wisdom of our local creative professionals, whilst encouraging everyone to find their own creativity.

Creativity is one of the defining characteristics of the future. This is becoming especially true in the workplace. The ability to think creatively and to see things from new perspectives will not only support the wellbeing of the individual, but it will help people to work innovatively and explore new ways to solve problems. The creative act is one of turning imagination into reality. When you are able to think creatively you are able perceive things in unique ways, to uncover patterns and connections, and to develop fresh solutions. 

Creativity thrives in situations where people have space to explore and think, and can draw from a diverse array of experiences and ideas. Artistic activity is a great catalyst for unique perspectives. But it works best when creative practice is a regular habit. Creativity is a muscle that gets stronger and more flexible the more it is used. 

So, what is Creativity Every Day actually???

Creativity Every Day is a workplace wellbeing programme that celebrates artistic activity as a way to unlock the power of creativity for daily use. This innovative programme is research-informed and offers practical prompts and resources guided by a broad array of talented Waikato creatives. The programme has been developed to help people instil regular creative habits with a vision for encouraging positive productivity and innovative thinking.

The programme can be accessed by individuals, but has even deeper potential for organisations to implement with their full team. These activities support personal and professional development, whilst also supporting team morale and wellbeing. The programme features short video activities sent via email to you with supporting insights and supporting resources. An organisation who signs up to the programme will also have access to a supporting workplace creativity policy and techniques for getting the most value and impact from engaging in this first-of-its-kind programme.

Ok. Well, what might Creativity Every Day mean to me???

Daily creative activity has been shown to be a particularly effective way to support wellbeing, to enhance neural pathways, and encourage innovative thinking and problem solving. So why wouldn’t you want that as part of your life? 

It’s pretty easy to give it a go. The programme asks you to set aside a small window of time each day to do something fun and creative. To make proactive decisions to have an engaging circuit breaker on hand that can become a positive habit in your life. If you are wanting personal growth with additional potential benefits, you don’t have to look much further. 

Adding a little creativity to your daily routine can support an increased capacity for problem solving, broaden your perspectives and enhance your ability to think innovatively, encourage more regular proactive mindfulness and support improved health and wellbeing. This isn’t just for artists. It is for everyone regardless of sector, industry, level of previous experience, and can be valuable for people of any age. It is about encouraging you to think like an artist, and enable more creativity as a powerful life skill.

Sign me up!! Tell me how!

Well it is as easy as going to the Creativity Every Day page on the Creative Waikato website and completing the simple form. From there you will get an email with further instructions and links to the resource platform. That’s it. Then once a week you will get an email with a link to a new video and resource to explore. All you need to do is set aside some time to engage in the activity. Try new things. Approach the activities with an open mind and have some fun. The more you engage the more you will experience the positive effects! 


Sign up now and engage in Creativity Every Day today!

Creativity Every Day is proudly developed and presented by Creative Waikato.
This programme was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. 

If you are an organisation, flick us an email to get more information around signing up your team to take part in the programme.