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29 Sep 2023

Understanding the value of arts, culture and creativity

In times of election we hear a lot of conversation about policies, value and change. There will be talk of the economy and the social pressures facing society.

Often things are positioned as needing to make the ‘tough decisions’ and it needs to be about ‘this or that’.

But when it comes down to our lived experiences of being people in Aotearoa, the daily activity is more multifaceted and nuanced. It has more light and shade. It is not this or that – it is a holistic thing that is often ‘this and this and that’. We need many things to live thriving lives. 

If we try to understand things with simple measures, we miss the nuance and magic. Value and impact come in so many different forms. And when we are working towards thriving economies and flourishing society, actually what we are talking about (or should be talking about) is the way these things serve as a mechanism for people being well. The capacity for wellness and connection for all people who call Aotearoa home. It’s a complex things that can be quite simple. 

Of course, this could be another piece of writing that says things, and talks about broad concepts… but it seemed better to create this video explainer. Its slightly longer than much social content today, but it showcases a diverse array of creative activities already found in our communities, and shares how we could build upon those strengths.

So, if you are wondering how arts, culture and creativity is relevant in this election, watch this video explainer:


Let’s work together to celebrate arts, culture and creativity in all its forms and build upon our collective strengths to share local stories and create our future.