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8 Sep 2017

Handmade: Dance stories from here and now

handmade: dance stories from here and now weaves contemporary dance, film and music together with the fabric of everyday life, consciously crafted by local artists.

Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust presents this collection of contemporary dance, integrating live performance and projected images, including the Hamilton premieres of two filmed dance pieces. Featuring creations by Karen Barbour, Helene Burgstaller, Gabriel Baker and Marie Hermo Jensen, handmade is suitable for dance fans of all ages.

Live performances presented:

Helene Burgstaller’s new duet From here to there explores the experience of a road trip, wondering about life journeys and the relentless passage of time. In Daughter, there will be no home, Gabriel Baker engages consciously with the looming threat of nuclear fallout and the personal impact on our bodies. Karen Barbour confronts the everyday the choices we make around food and wellbeing, bringing community activism to the stage in Making changes. This collection is completed with a playful group dance called Five Step, remixing jazz musicality, complex dance patterns and games.

Handmade also features the Hamilton premieres of two filmed dance works:

Choreographer and filmmaker Marie Hermo Jensen presents Anew, filmed in Hamilton’s Italian Renaissance Garden, and Karen Barbour presents Slow Drift filmed in Snow Canyon, Utah. These creative moving image works highlight the sensory experience of moving and responding to unique environments.