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2 Feb 2021

We are recruiting - Creative Development

Creative Development

Applications are now closed.

We’re looking for a particular type of person.

A unique and creative person, who not only understands the arts, but IS the arts, DOES the arts, and has the skills to be an arts MENTOR throughout our region. That’s right, we’ve got our recruiting pants on – which is about as rare as sighting UFOs.

Our hyper-productive team of creative multi-hyphenates operate beyond ‘passion’ and are what some would call a ‘blessing of unicorns’ so a person who gets us and what we do is essential to the continued growth of our important mahi.

If you’re thinking ‘woah, that’s me!’ then email your CV & Cover Letter to hello@creativewaikato.co.nz

And the fun just doesn’t stop….

To show us you really are our particular type of person, make sure you include answers to these questions in your application cover letter:

  • In your own words, what do you think Creative Development is?
  • In the broadest sense, What role do the arts play in society?
  • What is a memorable arts experience that you have as an audience member and why?
  • In 5 words or less, what does Creative Waikato do?

Do your research and remember, it’s a creative role…..be creative!